Routes in Marpissa

“In the Light”

25, 26, 27 August 2017


The volunteer team of “Routes in Marpissa” organises the 8th  three-day, experiential, and cultural festival on 25, 26 & 27 August in the traditional settlement of Marpissa, Paros.

The man, the place and the radiant light of  the Cyclades. From dawn to the  bright morning light and from the warm colours of the sunset to night, through the prism of the Routes in Marpissa, we create thematic stations, visiting sites and art exhibitions, framed by workshops, lectures, concerts and games. A unique experience that unfolds a kaleidoscope of culture and knowledge.


Inspired by the village, accompanied by the residents and aiming at action, come and walk with us in Marpissa…in the light!


Friday 25, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 August 2017
Hours: 19.00 – 23.30
Marpissa, Paros
Admission is free to all events


Organised by: “Routes in Marpissa”
Co-organisation: Administrative Region of South Aegean, Municipality of Paros
With the support of KDEPAP
Grand Sponsors: Blue Star Ferries, Cosmote, PPC S.A.
Member of the European Platform EFFE 2017-2018
ISO 9001: 2008, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas



Friday 25 August

19:00 – “In the speed of light”, game for primary school children.
[Marpissa Community Building]

20:00 – “The many faces of photography”, lecture by Platon Rivellis, photographer and teacher of photography.
[Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

22:15 – Concert: Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet
“Eight Winds” with: Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyre), Yiannis Kyrimkyridis (piano), Dimitris Tsekouras (bass), Dimitris Emmanouil (drums).
[Christos Square]

Saturday 26 August

19:00 – “Night Falls on Marpissa”: animation workshop for learning traditional animation techniques for adolescents with Babis Alexiadis, artist.
[Agrotoleschi Building]

19:30 – “Fireflies in August”, storytelling for primary school children with Evi Gerokosta, storyteller.
[Aristoteli Square]

20:30 – Performance “ati or, a walk of shame” by Alexis Fidetzis, artist, in the context of the art exhibition “The sun is barred from entering.”
[St. Modestos]

21:15 – “In the light”, Projection mapping by Spyros Koudounas and contemporary dance performance by Anna Anoussaki (10’).
[Christos Square]

22:00 – Concert: Alkinoos Ioannidis with Yiorgos Kaloudis on cello and Cretan lyra.
Sound engineer: Vasilis Drougas
[Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

Sunday 27 August

19:00 – “Letter F hidden on the island!”: art workshop for primary school children with Efi Fouriki, visual artist – art educator.
[Agrotoleschi Building]

19:00 – “Musical Journey in Greece”: traditional singing workshop for adults with Martha Mavroidi, singer, composer and musician.
[Christos Square]

21.15 – Tsampouna and toubaki folk music by musicians from Paros and Antiparos.
[Starting Point: Mills Square]

22.00 – Traditional feast with Nikos Economides, Kyriaki Spanou, Panos Vergos and Argyris Psathas.
[Papa-Giorghi Stamena Square]

Stations of experiential activities “In the light”
Alongside the program, during the three days of the festival, 19:00 to 22:00, you can visit the suggested stations and sites, which are indicated on the map and take part in the experiential activities, which are designed by the voluntary organizing team of “Routes in Marpissa”.

“Zacharias Stellas” Photography Exhibition co-organised with the Benaki Museum.
For the first time, the public and  the visitors of Paros will have the chance to admire the exceptional style and aesthetic of Zacharias Stellas in the place that he loved and honoured.
[Visiting site in St. Nikolaos Square]

Group art exhibition “The sun is barred from entering”.
Artists: Alexis Fidetzis, Catriona Gallagher, Chrisa Valsamaki, Michaelangelo Vlassis Ziakas.
Curated by Despina Zefkili.

Admission is free to all events.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program.