The sun is barred from entering

How can the famous Parian marble, the Cycladic light, the pirate stories of the Aegean, the architectural shells of the past, as well as the current debate on wind parks, become the motive for the emergence of alternative stories and conflicts around the history and the present identity of Paros?

In the exhibition “The sun is barred from entering”, taking as a starting point the theme of this year’s festival “Routes in Marpissa” “In the Light”, four artists attempt different types of research “excavations” in the past and today of Marpissa and Paros, bringing to light forgotten stories as well as conflicts of today’s local politics, using fragments of archaeological, folkloric and architectural tradition, and highlighting ideological and hierarchical processes that define the specific local context. All four projects are new productions made especially for the festival and based on field and general research.

Alexis Fidetzis work “ati or, a walk of shame” uses three incidents from the history of Paros in an effort to highlight alternative narratives concerning the Parian marble and the importance it carries as a material to the island’s inhabitants in different historical periods, as recorded in the writings of European travelers between the 15th and the 18th century. Presenting versions of the island’s everyday life before the native population began to embrace the archeology of the place as a source of pride, the work tries to highlight issues around targeted configuration of collective identity.

Catriona Gallagher’s work “Time By Light” is a time-lapse recording of points of light entering closed-off buildings. Filming spaces where “the sun is barred from entering, except where it forces its way in” Gallagher seeks to investigate the transience of the light’s interaction with the landscape and architecture of the island.

Chrisa Valsamaki’s work “Βarbarosa dreaming” articulates in a non-linear way the dramatic story of a resident, perhaps far-off descendant of Barbarossa at the beginning of the century, which could be true. It borrows materials from the folk museum, the traditional residence – museum Aspropoulou, and an iconic building of Marpissa for which opinions differ and the future of which is uncertain. It concerns time, loss, dream, prejudice, frustration, the unfamiliar, stubbornness and the space of heat.

Michaelangelo Vlassis – Ziakas’ work “Notes on a technical system” is an audiovisual installation consisting of interviews with members of the community of Paros and aims to highlight and represent the conflict that unfold around the installation of wind farms on the island.





Artists: Alexis Fidetzis, Catriona Gallagher, Chrisa Valsamaki, Michaelangelo Vlassis – Ziakas.

Curated by Despina Zefkili.