Report 2017


The cultural and experiential festival “Routes in Marpissa” was successfully completed on Sunday 27 August and took place for the 8th consecutive year in the traditional settlement of Marpissa, Paros.

This year’s festival “In the Light” started on Friday 25 August with the interactive game “In the speed of light” designed for primary school children. Later on, the distinguished photographer and photography teacher Platon Rivellis presented “The many faces of photography” and the first day was completed with the atmospheric concert «Eight Winds» by Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet.

The second day (Saturday 26 August) started with an animation workshop for adolescents by Babis Alexiadis, while Evi Gerokosta narrated stories about fireflies. Then, two horses with riders passed in front of the eyes of surprised visitors in the context of the performance, “ati or, a walk of shame” by Alexis Fidetzis, artist. In addition, the visitors had the opportunity to watch a spectacle that took place for the first time on the island, a projection mapping, especially designed by Spyros “s.bell” Koudounas for “Christos” square, combined with structured dance improvisation by Anna Anoussaki, graduate of the State School of Orchestral Art in Athens. At the end of the night, Alkinoos Ioannidis excited the audience singing along with him until late at night.

On the third and last day (Sunday 27 August) the young visitors under the guidance of visual artist and art educator Efi Fouriki, looked for the “Letter F hidden on the island!”, while the adults participated in a traditional singing workshop, with Martha Mavroidi, singer, composer and musician. At night, a musical journey started from the Windmills with musicians from Paros and Antiparos, who accompanied visitors and residents with their traditional music to the central square, where Nikos Economides and Kyriaki Spanou continued the authentic traditional feast, which lasted until early in the morning.

Alongside the program, the visitors had the opportunity to enjoy for the first time “Zacharias Stellas” Photography Exhibition which was organised in cooperation with The Benaki Museum, but also the group art exhibition “The sun is barred from entering” curated by Despina Zefkili. The artists that took part are: Alexis Fidetzis, Catriona Gallagher, Chrisa Valsamaki, Michaelangelo Vlassis- Ziakas.

Furthermore, the visitors explored the four thematic stations designed “In the Light” and followed the light of the morning star, the sun, the evening star and the moonlight that shed light on the alleys of Marpissa and exposed hidden aspects of the island life around issues of folklore, architecture, history, science and art.

The festival was honoured by the presence of more than 5.000 visitors, including the Regional advisor of Culture of the Southern Aegean Mrs. Ch. Papitsi, the District Officer of Paros Mr. Costas Bizas, the Mayor of Paros Mr. Markos Koveos, the head of KDEPAP Mr. Athanasios Marinopoulos, chair and members of Municipal and Local Communities and representatives of associations and organizations of Paros.

The organizing team of  “Routes in Marpissa” warmly thanks the Region of South Aegean, the Municipality of Paros, KDEPAP, the Municipal Community of Marpissa and especially residents and professionals for their valuable contribution.

Finally, we thank all those who came and walked with us in Marpissa for one more year!