Press Release | European Heritage Days 2020

The association “Routes in Marpissa” participates in the digital celebration of the European Heritage Days (EHD) 2020 – “Heritage and Education”, 25-27 September 2020 with the creation of three videos through which the public will be guided digitally in three special buildings of Marpissa in Paros.

These are typical examples of the traditional architecture of Paros, which reflects the wisdom of folk culture. The windmill of Agouros family of the 19th century, a representative building of the pre-industrial era, stands proudly revealing the character of the agricultural society of that period in the Cyclades. Aspropoulou residence, a building with a special architectural interest in the core of the traditional settlement, brings us memories and stories from the beginning of the 17th century until today. Anoussaki residence of the 16th century, with the authentic Cycladic simplicity that characterizes it, hosts the last loom of the village, keeping alive the art of weaving from generation to generation.

The production of the videos will be attended by residents of the village, while their screening will take place successively on September 25, 26 & 27 at predetermined times that will be announced through the social media of the festival. After the end of the three days, the material will be available on the festival’s YouTube channel.

The volunteer team of the festival “Routes in Marpissa” invites the public to “walk” for the first time digitally in Marpissa through a tour of characteristic buildings of the traditional settlement, which highlight our cultural heritage and contribute to the preservation of the historical memory of a place with deep roots in time.

European Heritage Days 2020