Press Release

The experiential, cultural festival «Routes in Marpissa», for sixth consecutive year, welcomes those who want to discover the authenticity of Paros island, in August, 20, 21 and 22.

During the three days of the cultural festival, visitors and volunteers experience unique moments and explore the patterns and motifs that shape the settlement’s physiognomy, through the suggested stations, visiting sites, art installations and exhibitions, together with concerts, events and workshops.

The festival has as its central idea the creation of routes and points of interest, within the traditional settlement of Marpissa, around themes of architecture, folklore, music, art and environment. It aims at an experiential approach of activities so everyone can have an active role in the events.

Inspired by the village, accompanied by the residents and aiming at action…come and walk with us in Marpissa !!!

Thursday 20, Friday 21 και Saturday 22 August 2015
Hours: 19.00 – 23.30 at the traditional settlement
Marpissa, Paros
Admission is free to all events.

Organised by: «Routes in Marpissa»
Under the auspices of: Municipality of Paros
Supported by: Administrative Region of South Aegean

Μember of the European Network EFFE 2015-2016

Press Release (pdf 600kb)