The festival “Routes in Marpissa” addresses to the residents of Paros, but also to visitors from around the world who wish to know in depth the original character of the place. The experiential nature of the festival is based on the interaction of volunteers with visitors of all ages. This interaction turns the weekend into a unique experience!

The festival lasts for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and takes place in Marpissa. It includes stations, exhibitions and sites of special interest, which you can visit daily from 19:00 until 22:00. At the same time, there are performances, workshops and concerts in accordance with the festival’s program each year.

Admission is free to all events, visiting sites and workshops.
Marpissa is a traditional village, which is located in southeastern Paros. You can reach Marpissa by car, taxi or bus. Around the traditional settlement, there are park areas available.