Routes in Marpissa

26, 27, 28 August 2022

Harvest in the Parian “Katikia”


The word harvest was on the lips of all the farmers who shared with us stories from their lives in the “katikes”* of Paros: one word that came up again and again, among so many others that are gone, a symbol of labor, wise austerity, cooperation and harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Having as a reference point the parian “katikia” and at a time when the identity of Paros is rapidly evolving, the concept of harvestin the 12th festival “Routes in Marpissa” functions as a bridge of interaction between the past and the present and becomes the causefor sharing, creating, and reflectingaround the future we will “harvest”,the cultural continuity and the elementsof the rural identity of the islandthat make up its cultural heritage.

The wheat is sown, harvest is coming

Do not boast before you see the end.


We warmly thank the residents of Marpissa,the artists and collaborators for their participation, the professionals and authorities for their contribution, the Municipal Community of Marpissafor the cooperation, the Municipality of Paros and the Region of South Aegean for the support, the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the valuable help for the realization of the 12th festival.

The voluntary organizing team of the “Routes in Marpissa” festival


* Katikes are rural homesteads outside of settlements, around which the inhabitants of Paros would organize and house their agricultural and livestock farming.


Διαδρομές στη Μάρπησσα 26, 27, 28 Αυγούστου 2022


Friday 26/08/22


19:00 “Dragons”, art workshop by Myrsini Artakianou and Theodora Kanelli, for children 6-12 years old

[Courtyard of Marpissa’s Kindergarten (K9)]


19:15 “Paper Lanterns”, workshop by the architect Eleftheria Kapsalis, in collaboration with the educational organization Arkki by AKTO (School of Architecture for children & youth), for children 4-5 years old

[Agrotoleschi Building (K1)]


20:00 Phoebe Giannisi, Cicadas and Figs, 2022, Poetic speech – performance

[Courtyard of N. Perantinos Sculpture Museum (K2)]


21:00 “Intangible cultural heritage and its importance for local development”, a lecture by the Director of Modern Cultural Heritage, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Stavroula-Villy K. Fotopoulou, and the archaeologist – social anthropologist Elena Bazini

[Courtyard of N. Perantinos Sculpture Museum] (K2)]


21:30 Screening of the documentary “Don’t break my stones” directed by Katerina Patronis and produced by the Association of “Routes in Marpissa” with English subtitles

First national screening
After the screening, a discussion will follow
[Courtyard of N. Perantinos Sculpture Museum (K2)]


22:30 Jazz concert “Spiral Trio”

Spyros Manesis | piano
Arionas Gyftakis | contrabass
Anastasis Gouliaris | drums
[Efstratios Aliprantis Square (A5)]

Saturday 27/08/22


19:00 “Matrix and Philosophy | Bound in Plato’s cave”, philosophy workshop for teenager

Mediator/facilitator: Stelios Gadris Department of Philosophical and Social Studies, University of Crete
Workshop design: Anna Ntinti, Ph.D., (University of Crete)
[Aristotelis Square (A10)]


19:00 “Settlements in a landscape”, workshop by the architect Eleftheria Kapsalis, in collaboration with the educational organization Arkki by AKTO (School of Architecture for children & youth), for children 6-12 years old

[Municipal Community Building (K3)]


Microdances / Dance performances in Marpissa by the Greek National Opera Ballet, in choreographies by the GNO Ballet director Konstantinos Rigos, Yannis Nikolaidis and Elena Kekkou
19:30 First presentation

[Starting point: Prophet Elias Square (A7)]

20:20 Second presentation

Forget me not

Choreography: Konstantinos Rigos
Music: George Koumentakis
Saxophone: Guido de Flavis
Dancer: Yannis Gantsios
[Prophet Elias Square (A7)]

Knight rider

Choreography: Yannis Nikolaidis
Sound design: Manolis Manousakis
Costumes: Ioanna Tsami
Dancer: Margarita Kostoglou
[Arches behind Prophet Elias church (09)]

Active Motivation

Choreography: Elena Kekkou
Music: Antonis Vlahos
Dancer: Elena Kekkou
[Opposite Tsantoulis – Stellas residence (T)]


21:00 Maria Sideri, A speech-performance around the disappearance of words, 2022

[Courtyard of Agrotoleschi Building (K1)]


22:00 Musical performance Rebotika: A creative coexistence of Rimbaud’s rebetiko world with the poetic world of rebetiko music

Interpretation: Michalis & Pantelis Kalogerakis
Musicians: Michalis Kalogerakis | guitar
Alexis Stenakis | clarinet
Alexandros Tziovas | bass
Stratos Grintzalis | bouzouki, mandolin
[Efstratios Aliprantis Square (A5)]

Sunday 28/08/22


08.45 Morning Action: “Digital documentation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Parian “Katikia” using ‘HERMeS’ methodology”, a workshop by: Pavlos Hatzigrigoriou PhD, Vassiliki Nikolakopoulou PhD(c) and Aliki Hamalidou MSc(st), members of “Heritage Management e- Society (HERMeS)”

[Meeting point for departure by car: Municipal Sports Center (K8)]


19:00 “Be invisible for an hour”, philosophy workshop for children aged 9-13

Facilitator: Stelios Gadris, Department of Philosophical and Social Studies, University of Crete
Workshop design: Anna Ntinti, Ph.D., University of Crete
[Aristotelis Square (A10)]


21:30 Traditional island feast with Nikos Economides and Kyriaki Spanou, Panagiotis Vergos, Yiorgos Gavras and Nikos Tsantanis

[Papa-Yiorghi Stamena Square] (A1)]

Venue: Marpissa, Paros
Free admission to all events
The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program.


In parallel with the festival’s program, during the three days 26,27,28 August 2022, 19:00 – 22:00, you can also visit:

Artists: Phoebe Giannisi, Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Maria Sideri, Chara Stergiou
Curated by Despina Zefkili


    • Phoebe Giannisi, TETTIX, video, 2012
      [The Annunciation Square (A9)]
      Cicadas and Figs
      , 2022, Poetic speech – performance
      [Friday 26/8 20:00, Courtyard of N. Perantinos Sculpture Museum (K2)]
    • Chara Stergiou, The Carrier Bag Theory, audio story and book, 2022
      [Courtyard of Saint Paraskevi church (11)]
    • Virginia Mastrogiannaki, 3 times 40 pieces, video, 2022
      [Opposite Tsantoulis – Stellas residence (T)]
    • Maria Sideri, A performance lecture around the disappearance of words, 2022
      [Saturday 27/8 21:00, Courtyard of Agrotoleschi Building (K1)]


    * verse from the poem “Cicadas I” by Phoebe Giannisi. Translation in English by Brian Sneeden. Published by New Directions, 2022