10 years “Routes in Marpissa”

A three-day celebration in the centre of the Aegean Sea

23, 24, 25 August


…It all started in August 2010, when we invited you to the first cultural festival “Routes in Marpissa” to walk together in Marpissa, the traditional settlement of Paros, which has maintained its authentic Cycladic character unchanged over time. Soon our group grew bigger, it became a large team of volunteers, and the festival evolved into an institution with international distinctions.

For ten years, at the end of the summer, Marpissa is ready to open the houses and yards to the public and to host hundreds of people from all over Greece and abroad.

The characteristic architecture, the rich folk culture, the unique environment, and all that constitute the special character of the village are presented through thematic routes, points of interest with experiential activities, workshops for all ages, lectures, projections, contemporary art exhibitions and concerts that lead up to a traditional Cycladic feast.

This year, “Routes in Marpissa” complete 10 years of continuous presence and we organise a three-day celebration with many surprises in the centre of the Aegean Sea. Having as a point of reference the team’s archive on the cultural heritage of Paros and being inspired by the joyful and moving moments that we have shared with volunteers, residents, artists and visitors over the years, we set a long festive table and you are all invited.

Come, walk… and celebrate with us in Marpissa!


Friday 23, Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 August 2019
Hours: 19:00-23:30
Marpissa, Paros
Admission is free to all events