Routes to Marpissa 2015

Routes in Marpissa
Patterns | Motifs
20, 21 and 22 August 2015

For the 6th consecutive year, come and join us for a unique experience.

Organised by: «Routes in Marpissa»
Co-organisation: Administrative Region of South Aegean
Under the auspices of the Municipality of Paros
With the support of KDEPAP
In collaboration with the Local Community of Marpissa
Grand Sponsor: Blue Star Ferries
Member of the European Network EFFE 2015-2016




18.45 «A Journey to the Land of Patterns and Motifs,” game for primary school children. [Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

19.00 «Constructing and Reconstructing the Traditional Folk Greek Dance” experiential workshop for teens and adults by Vassilis Karfis, physical education teacher – Greek folk dance instructor. [Pefko Square]

21.15 «Meeting point», contemporary dance with Anna Anoussaki Anastasia Valsamaki, Myrto Katsou, Konstantina Barkouli, Dimitris Mytilineos, Nikoletta Frantzi, dancers of the Greek National School of Dance, and Akti Κonstantinou. [Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]
Music: Thomas Kydoniefs

22.00 «Minor Dispute», Petros Klampanis Group
Concert with Petros Klampanis in bass, Spyros Manesis in piano and Migen Selmani, Dionysis Vervitsiotis, Iris Louka and Alexandros Botinis in a string quartet. [Christos Square]

Daytime Activity

9.30 “Natural Candle Making” workshop with priest Emmanuel Tziotis. [Meeting point: Marpissa’s Nursery School]

18.45 “Patterns of Fairy Tales – a comprehensive and symbolic approach” introductory seminar for adults with Lily Lambrelli, author – narrator of folk tales (limited number of participants). [Agrotoleschi Building]

19.00 «The Decisive Moment”, photo art workshop for primary school children, with Athanasia Panagea, photographer – photography educator – cultural manager. [Christos Square]

19.00 “Vacation in Marpissa”, “summer” poster workshop for teens with MUMS – Graphic Design Studio, Marina Mantzari and Katerina Fotinopoulou. [Prophet Elias Square]

21.00 “12 films” Super 8 film (duration: 30’), Constantinos Hadzinikolaou as part of the group exhibition “Tools”.

21.30 Concert: Melina Kana, The Charmer of Thisseion and Petros Malamas. [Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

00.30 «Crevices» midnight storytelling for adults.
Narration: Lily Lambrelli, Music: Yiannis Psariotis.  [Christos Square]

Daytime activity
10.00 Walk and tour at the house of Rallis Kopsidis, painter, in Drios, by Sofia Kopsidis and the “A whale’s architects,” as part of the group exhibition “Tools”. [Meeting point: Drios nursery school]

19.00 Artistic workshop for children from 7 years old, Natasa Biza, Maria Papapostolou and Iro Vavanou. [Courtyard of Agrotoleschi Building]

21.00 “Photographed Islands” a tour in photos of famous photographers who visited the Greek islands, by Athanasia Panagea, photographer – photography educator – cultural manager. [Prophet Elias Square]

22.00 Tsampouna and Toubaki Folk Music by musicians from Paros and Antiparos. [Starting Point: Mills Square]

22.30 Traditional feast with Nikos Economides, Kiriaki Spanou, Panos Vergos and Argyris Psathas. [Papa-Giorghi Stamena Square]

Alongside, during the three days of the festival, 19:00 to 22:00, stations and visiting sites with experiential activities, designed by the voluntary organizing team of “Routes in Marpissa,” will be open to public within the traditional settlement.

Artistic Routes: Throughout the festival discover the works of the group exhibition “Tools”, in the traditional settlement of Marpissa.
Artists: Alexia Karavela, Petros Moris, Ilias Seferlis, Andreas Sell, Constantinos Hadzinikolaou, Antonakis, The Architects of the Whale.
Curators: Despina Zefkili, 3 137

Admission is free to all events.
The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program.