Routes to Marpissa 2014

Routes to Marpissa

«Travelling through time»

22, 22, 24 August 2014




18.45 «Playing with Time,” game for children with Elina Dendrinou. [Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

19.30 Art Workshop for Adults with Natasa Biza and Iro Vavanou.[Prophet Elias Square]

21.00 “Lemonia” show with a life-size puppet of the theatrical group “Technis Nevma”. [Courtyard of N. Perantinos Museum]

22.15 “Flowers of the Desert“, a concert with Haig Yazdjian, Thodoris Kotonias and Martha Mavroidi Vangelis Karipis, Petros Varthakouris and Yiannis Kyrimkyridis. [Christos Square]

Daytime Activity

10.00 “Following the Path of the Watermill” walking tour in the water paths in Dryos with Nikos Aliprantis (philologist, author) and Anna Aspropoulou. [Meeting Point: Drios nursery school]

19.00 “A Boat Called Memory”, workshop based on a tale of the same name for children up to 10 years, with Vangelis Iliopoulos (writer, teacher). [KAPI Building]

19.00 “A Camera from the Past,” photography workshop for teenagers with Athanasia Panagea (photographer, photography educator, cultural manager). [Agrotoleschi Building]

“Musical Time Travel”
21.30 Tango
Music: Herman Mayr, Kostas Vlachopoulos
Dance: Kostas Doukas, Eleni Tsirigoti, Stefanos Hatzigeorgiou, Valentina Dragatsi

22.30 Gadjo Dilo: Concert
[Courtyard of Marpissa Community Building]

19.00 «A Violin Narrates,” workshop for folk musical instruments of traditional music in Greece and Asia Minor, for children aged 10 years and over with Nancy Toumbakari (music teacher). [Agrotoleschi Building]

19.00 «Construction of Improvised Musical Instruments with recycled and natural materials for children up to 10 years, with Katerina Dermata and Ioanna Fysilani (teachers). [Courtyard of N. Perantinos Museum]

19.30 “Beauty and the Beast: Discovering the History of Beauty,” workshop for adults with Eleni Svoronou (philologist, author of juvenile literature). [Christos Square]

22.00 Tsampouna and Toubaki Folk Music. [Starting Point: Mills Square]

22.30 Traditional feast with Nikos Economides, Kiriaki Spanou, Panos Vergos and Argyris Psathas. [Papa-Giorghi Stamena Square]

Alongside, stations and visiting sites (under the concept of “travelling through time”) will be open to public, daily from 19:00 to 22:00, in the traditional settlement, together with a photo exhibition of Marpissa residents (October 2013).

Furthermore, Artistic Routes / Installation Art in the traditional settlement will present works by Natasa Biza, Virginia Mastrogiannaki and Maria Papapostolou.

Admission is free to all events.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program.