Stories from the traditional Cycladic residences

Rural Stories: an architect’s collection of Marpissa’s rural narratives

A soundwalk for people of all ages that introduces the rural life of «κατοικιές»* in Marpissa, based on a new Oral Histories project, with narratives collected by architect and educator Dr Carolina Vasilikou (University of Reading)

What was the significance of «κατοικιές» for the everyday life of Marpissa? We share a soundwalk experience of discovering the rural heritage of the village, mapped in an audio guide that collects the stories and histories of its inhabitants, tracing personal experiences through time. Join us for a walk along the local rural paths for the first official event of the Oral History group of Marpissa, exploring collective memories from its rural life.

«Kατοικιές», small agricultural structures spread in the countryside around the village, were small units of food production that could also be inhabited if circumstances required it.