«Sotiria’s Songs»

Α musical performance dedicated to Sotiria Bellou, the “Lady of Rebetiko music”.

“Sotiria’s songs” transcends the boundaries of the stage and moves between a theatrical performance and a musical event. In an almost solemn atmosphere, Christina Maxouri, an actress and performer herself, introduces us to the world of Sotiria Bellou with her characteristic, Dorian voice. She interprets favourite songs that Bellou sealed with her voice. In between she narrates short stories and short incidents from the unsurpassed performer’s life. The performance does not have the character or purpose of a biography, but it intends to create a mood for celebration and a shared experience.

Christina Maxouri (singer), Vassilis Korakakis (bouzouki, vocals), Agis Papanagiotou (bouzouki), Vassilis Prodromou (guitar, vocals) and Dimitris Koustas (accordion).