Musical Routes with the Underground Youth Orchestra

Underground Υouth Orchestra was formed in 2010. It was started by a group of children who wanted to be together and make music together. The rehearsals started in a basement (hence the name of the orchestra) and in the early years the concerts were educational. Soon, the music team managed to distinguish, participate in festivals, perform concerts, winning the love of the music lovers. The Orchestra currently consists of 45 music students, aged 10-24, and is complemented by four professional musicians, Efstathia Papageorgopoulou, Franc Shestani, Antonela Cefa and Osvald Amirali, who are responsible for organizing and studying the orchestra. Costas Eliades is the music director, conductor and arranger of the orchestra. Until today, UYO has given more than 50 concerts in Athens and across Greece.

The Orchestra comprises of string instruments (violins, viols, cellos, double basses), wooden wind instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon), brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, tuba), harp, percussion and piano. During the last two years, UYO has initiated an educational program mainly aiming at bringing young kids in contact with the magical world of the orchestra. In this context, UYO integrates young music students from every place it tours.

The Children / Youth Choir of the Conservatory “Mythodia” was formed in 2015. The repertoire of the choir is broad including traditional songs from all over the world, Greek and international contemporary music, often combining singing with motion, percussion instruments, etc. The choir has taken part in many concerts, choir festivals and book presentations in Greece. This year it was honored with a first prize and a Gold medal at the Pan-Hellenic Choir Competition of YMCA organised in Pireus. Artistic Director / Choir Director: Maroulia Kontou