Let’s Play Cinema in Small Schools

LET’S PLAY CINEMA in Small Schools, Cinema Workshop by Cinemathesis for children and adolescents

In the program, we travel to the early years of cinema, in an attempt to bring the participants in contact with the fine arts, reverting, at a glance, to the early years of the Seventh Art together with the need of the first filmmakers to record the stories of their everyday life. We take a breath and stand aside from the rapid pace of the present, reverting to the means of observation, recording and personal testimony, through diverse – yet simple- media of audiovisual expression.

With the help of children and teenagers, we set up our own pre-cinematographic visual games, we create characters, we take photographs of images/we take photographs of pictures, we conduct archival research, we develop script projects, we write dialogues, we lay out storyboards, we film our ideas, and we playfully engage in various experiential audiovisual activities!

The program: LET’S PLAY CINEMA in Small Schools is approved by the Institute of Educational Policy and by the Ministry of Education. It is carried out under the auspices and the support of the Ministry of Culture, and by courtesy of Goethe-Institut.