Korai, Eva Giannakopoulou

Eva Giannakopoulou, Korai

“Korai” sets out from two examples of gestural classical sculpture or classicist sculpture to then be extrapolated to the process of returning and reaching an island. Olympia, Memory, Female Archer ,Young Woman and Resting Athlete-artworks of the Parian sculpture Perantinos-are being looked into afresh with a skew pro-statuesque glance, but also with references to the archival material of the sculptor. Which gestures are categorized and deemed as effeminate or manlike and why are we surprised by the statues of “Kouroi” of the island of Despotiko, which instead of tightening their fists they hold a flower like the statues of “Korai”? Inspired by the sculptural and monumental gesture on metal surface, the work seeks to reflect upon the stereotyped representation of gender roles and to highlight he manual dimension of return.

Eva Giannakopoulou, utilizing the camera as the medium for observation and corporal extension, experiments with performances video, premises/installations and participative activities. Her interest in social anthropology has led her to in situ explorations in the area of representations of women and queer groups inspecting how they relate to radical ideologies and observation techniques.