Jovan, a petite 52 cm tall musician of Rebetiko folk music with a thick moustache and a brown hat. He loves his bouzouki, sweet coffee, Titi and wine. As he does every morning, he brews his coffee and turns on his radio. But this time events take an unexpected turn that leads him to discover new parts of his character and remember that, no matter how the years pass, there is always a good reason to rebel.

Having developed his technique of animation in street performances, Jovan is in constant interaction with the audience. He feels that the audience understands him much more than the two black-clad figures who follow him in his every move and who, however much he ignores them, remain close to him.

Presented by Lita Aslanoglou and Eugenia Tsichlia, members of the Bufos puppet theatre group of Anneta Stefanopoulou.