Cycladic Rondo, George Samantas

George Samantas “Cycladic Rondo (return -feedback)”

It has to do with a two-tier piece of work which, on the one hand, is unfolded in the natural space of Marpissa in the form of an audio landscape meant to merge with the “natural” audio landscape, and, on the other, in the digital cyberspace of Internet, inviting the audience to interact with it.

The basic constituents of this piece of work are audio recordings from Marpissa and other points of Paros and the Cyclades. The material has been recorded since 2010 and it has been chosen according to its relevance to the different nuances of the sense of return. Fragments of the audio recordings will be made available to male and female visitors in digital format which will be accessed via smartphone so that such extracts may be sent to one’s loved ones as audio postcards. Outdoors, the audio material is composed according to the rondo audio technique, and is processed along the fine line between noise and artful weighting of the feedback effect- that results when stereo system creates a circuit that hears itself-, while, at the stage of generation, the prerecorded material incorporates more than one spaces to which the artist returned in order to replay and record again the material, once the mobility restriction due to the pandemic had been removed.

George Samantas tackles anthropology “beyond the text” in the overlapping sphere between visual arts and social sciences utilizing sound and walking as the main expressive/recitative tools. Part of his job has taken place in the Cyclades as regards to the historical and cultural construction of the scenery, water as a common good, gardening practices and supranatural/metaphysical mutations of the land. Under the shadow of the “environmental crisis” he is more deeply concerned with the relation of juncture and reciprocity between natural and cultural.