Cracks in the salt

“Cracks in the salt”: Improvisations in performance and design-by-making, workshop for adolescents with Dr Carolina Vasilikou, Architect, Educator, Lecturer in Architecture (University of Reading) and Dr Judita Vivas, Physical Theatre Performer, Educator. This workshop explores site-specific practices in performance and design-by-making using movement, voice, architectural improvisation and the local urban landscape of Marpissa. We will explore the “cracks-in-the-salt” (pockets of urban spaces that have been forgotten, abandoned or disused) in the streets and widenings of the village and will reveal their presence with small scale improvised structures. These structures will be used as playful pieces of movement (and sound) tracing the urban fabric of the village to then be discovered and engaged with by locals and visitors alike.

The ingredients of the workshop include our own bodies in motion, vocal improvisations, the widenings and little streets of Marpissa and architectural improvisations with fabric, balsa wood, recycled materials and…salt. (Languages: Greek, English, French)